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Our Goals

Who We Work With

Serving children from primarily low-income families, Page Ahead collaborates with elementary schools, tutoring programs, Head Start and other preschool programs, tribal libraries, migrant centers, homeless shelters, and teen parenting programs across Washington State to improve the reading and language skills of at-risk children.

What We Do

Provide new books to children to own, read, and cherish

The opportunity to choose books and pride in owning books are key elements in wanting to read and in learning to read.

Celebrate reading as a way to learn in school and succeed in life

Motivational reading events at partner sites are held as part of Page Ahead's book distribution program.

Educate and encourage parents to read with their children

Page Ahead enhances the relationship between parent and child and the relationship between child and book.

Recruit volunteers to hold book drives, adopt educational sites, and read with children