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What Children Say about Page Ahead

We Learn from Books
It has been a plesure reading all these wonderful books. I really cannot be more happier then I am right now.Leslie, Meadow Ridge Elementary, Kent
The book is magnificent, awesome, happy, and interesting. It helps me learn, and it helps me be smart.Fuamai, Van Asselt Elementary, Seattle
You would be serpris of how much you can lurn out of one book. Thank you.Eloisa, Bridgeport Elementary, Bridgeport
Reading is fun and you can do it any time. Reading maks me feel intelegint and awesome.Ian, Seahurst Elementary, Burien
We Find Ourselves in Books
I like to read my book because it is like my life.Anna, Chief Kamiakin Elementary, Sunnyside
I would recommend these books to other people because they tell life stories that can happen any time.Kyle, Nespelem Elementary, Nespelem
Some of the stories can teach you lessons for all your life.David, DeLong Elementary, Tacoma
We Express our Thoughts and Feelings
I choose a book because it has some words in Spanish and because I speek Spanish. I realy like that book because is a little girl about my age.Yasmeen, Shiloh Hills Elementary, Spokane
I like books becas thay help me read hard wurds.Jordy, Mirror Lake Elementary, Federal Way
If I didn't have this book I would not know how to read English.Araceli, Midway Intermediate School, Des Moines
We Use our Imaginations
In this book was a drongon with two heads and a herro. I like to be herro and save all the people.Tien, Cherrydale Primary, Steilicoom
I like my book. It is about poor people. They make a snowman. It gives the older boy courage and he saves his little brother.Alex, DeLong Elementary, Tacoma
Thank you for Pecos Bill. I thought his life was great! It was a book I could not put down! My favorite part was when Bill caught Thunder.Andrea, Sanislo Elementary, Seattle
We fly to our dreams with books.Alex, Southgate Elementary, Lakewood
I like reading books because they take me to places I never been before.William, DeLong Elementary, Tacoma
We Share our Books and Read with Others
Thank you for the free book. It was the best story I avy red. I am raeding it to my brother. I love my book so much that I look at it avy day.Hannah, Custer Elementary, Dayton
I'm going to keep the book you gave me and give it to my children and also share it with my family. Thank you!Kami, Shiloh Hills Elementary, Spokane
I got three books and each one of them me and my family took turns reading. It improved my reading. I hope and wish you will bring more books. I can't wait.Vasily, Kendall Elementary, Sumas
We Take Care of Our Books
I will take good care of my book and find a special place to keep it.Stosh, Parkside Elementary, Des Moines
My mom says we don't have enough money for books. The free books you give help me with reading.Stephanie, Oak Harbor Head Start, Oak Harbor
Thank you for my book. It is the best book I have at my house, it's my best and goodest. I've never had one before.Irina, Nespelem Elementary, Nespelem
I really appreciate you giving me and my class books. New books are better than old ones. They are cleaner and just...better. Charlie, Satus Elementary, Wapato
I will take care of my new book and find a special place to keep it. Stosh, Parkside Elementary. Des Moines
We Appreciate You!
Thank you for caring for people you don't know.Amanda, Farwell Elementary, Spokane
I hope I can have a neter wnderfole book. It nics to have sumbudy who carse about sumbudy they don't nowe.Clinton, McCarver Elementary, Tacoma
Guess what? All the kids loved your books because I saw smiles all over!Ulysses, Sanislo Elementary, Seattle
I am vary happy about what you did. I think you are nice to pay for the books but give them to us free. Thank you with my gretist love in reading,Kara, Valhalla Elementary, Auburn
Books are a special gift because you can read them alone, to someone, or they can be read to you. The whole school is forever thankful—especially ME!Jessica, Kendall Elementary, Sumas