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What Parents Say about Page Ahead

Thanks so much for sharing the gift of books with our kids. What joy I'm receiving now from my own grandchild reading stories to me! Our favorite thing to do at home is read. Madeline M

Kayne and I enjoyed reading the book together. Not only did my son hear about the ABC's, but we went through and talked about the colors, shapes, and what black and white rabbit was doing. I enjoyed hearing my son tell me all the colors and then ask me what they are. We had a lot of fun. Bobbi T

My children's love to read, especially my daughter every night. I read with my little baby because she asks questions. She is smart. With books, it is easy to learn. Yunith H

My child is 12 months old. I read her the book before bedtime. Her face brightens up. I don't want reading to be a battle for her. I think she would have much rather eaten the book-but she also enjoyed reading it!Sarah Z

Ashley loves to read. I gave her a book that she can be challenged by with puzzles and brain teasers. She is having fun while she reads. Having fun and loving to read are the keys to success. Mary S

I am writing to thank you for your donation. My 11-month old daughter loves when I read to her at night. I give her a bottle and start reading her a Barney book. She loves pointing to the pictures and trying to mimic me. She is talking early-I think it is because of the books. She is usually the one to grab the book at night and remind me. So thank you for giving me and my baby brand new books to read. Mary H

My 5-year-old son attends Deer Park Developmental Preschool. At your book distribution, Drew had a great time reading, dancing, singing, and talking about books and stories. At the end of the evening he was told to choose a book to take home and keep. He chose, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear. He loves his new book and we read it often. Thank you for this wonderful program!Amy L

Connor brought home his book Snap Likes Gingersnaps from school yesterday and was excited to have "homework" like his big brothers. Coincidentally, that morning I had told Connor that we would bake chocolate chip cookies that evening. He was feeling a little low because Daddy and big brother Trevor were off to Camp Casey, the annual 5th grade trip. We read Snap and then Connor and big brother Spencer wanted to bake! The boys both helped and Connor was able to measure flour, sugar and chocolate chips just like Snap measured ingredients.Jodi H

Thank you Page Ahead! I am a parent of two children at Tiffany Park. I wanted to let you know that my children were thrilled to be a part of the book give-away. Thank you so much for making this possible. Teresa W