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Book Drive

Why a new book? Because Page Ahead serves children who receive free lunches, live in subsidized housing, receive English-language tutoring, or read below grade level, a new book is a gift that is chosen, kept, and treasured. A new book tells a child, "You are valuable." A new book feels good in the hands. A new book is a prized possession. Children are more likely to learn about responsibility if they find value in their possessions. A new book encourages reading and heightens a sense of anticipation about receiving another book. Thank you for supporting Page Ahead!

In addition to the books below, please also consider donating picture books in Spanish.

Our Wishlist


Picture Books

I really appreciate you giving me and my class books.
New books are better than old ones.
They are cleaner and just... better.

- Charlie, Satus Elementary, Wapato

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You can also donate books to Page Ahead through our Amazon Wish List