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Applying for Services

The application process for our 2013-2014 Book Distribution Program is now closed. Applications will next be available on April 15, 2014. We only accept applications from organizations that have a Page Ahead Organization Number. If your organization does not have a Page Ahead Organization Number, please review step 1 and complete the form in step 2 in the Requirements section below.
Page Ahead's Book Distribution Program distributes books to children in need from the ages of birth to 12. Along with other requirements listed below, organizations submit an application in order to be considered for services.


Your program must meet all of the following requirements in order to apply for books.

  1. Your program must meet our eligibility requirements.
  2. Your program must sign up to apply to apply for books.

Does Your Program Meet the Requirements?

If your program meets all of the above requirements, we will send you information allowing you to access our 2014-2015 Book Grant Application in early April 2014.

Application Help

We will host at least two application trainings. The dates of these trainings are TBD.


Contact us if you have questions regarding the Book Grant Application or the Book Distribution Program.