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Generating Publicity for Your Program

Once you are receiving books from Page Ahead, publicizing book distributions is beneficial to both your site and to Page Ahead. The more publicity our joint efforts receive, the more likely it is that our book drives, fundraising campaigns, and special events will succeed.

Sample Press Release

Suggestions for Attracting Media

Let the Children Help

Letters from children are the best possible way of thanking our donors. Page Ahead regularly forwards letters written by your students to those who donate money and books. There is no more effective testimonial to the power of books and reading. The best kind of letter from a child is not a rote copy of a phrase by a teacher, but the child's own words in the child's own hand. Letters written on a computer are less effective. Prompt children by asking them to write a letter describing:

Photos of the children enjoying books are also appreciated, as are hand-drawn pictures of the book cover or a key event in the book.

Please Send Thank-You Letters from Students and Staff to Us