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Ideas for Teachers to get Parents and Students Involved in Reading

Local Author Book Talks

The Seattle area is home to many wonderful authors and illustrators. Invite a local author to come and speak to the students and read from his or her latest book. One possible way to contact local authors and illustrators is through the website for Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators, Washington Region.

Field Trip to the Public Library

Have a librarian provide a tour of the library focusing on resources available to the students and parents. Educate the students and parents on how to take proper care of the books and provide information on how to create a library at home. Children are then allowed to choose a book to begin their personal libraries.

Book Swaps

Start the year off with a book swap. Encourage families to bring books from home that they have outgrown or are willing to swap. Students will be able to take home new 'to them' books to read and enjoy.

Storytelling Events

Have storytelling for parents and students centered around a holiday or thematic unit. Storytelling is a great way to model for parents the power of a story and give suggestions on ways to read to children. Have local personalities come to your site to share their favorite books with the students. Ask people in your community to share personal stories about how books and reading have touched their lives.