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Serving children from primarily low-income families, Page Ahead collaborates with elementary schools, tutoring programs, Head Start and other preschool programs, tribal libraries, migrant centers, homeless shelters, and teen parenting programs across Washington State to improve the reading and language skills of at-risk children.

Book Up Summer

Page Ahead’s Book Up Summer program gives young students the tools and incentive they need to read during summer vacation. Grounded in current literacy research, this evidence-based reading program is offered to high-poverty elementary schools through Page Ahead’s partnerships with school districts across Washington State.

Book Up Summer gives students in kindergarten through second grade their choice of summer reading materials at no cost to the student. At book fairs in April or May, students shop for their own books. During the last week of school, each student receives their choice of 12 new books that are theirs to keep and read over summer vacation and beyond. What’s the trick to “making” the kids read the books? Give them books they want to read! Students make their own choices from a wide variety of fun, fiction, nonfiction, series, science related and kid-culture books. There is something to interest even the most reluctant reader!

Dear Page Ahead,
Thank you for the 12 books! I'm real good at reading now. I'm so good, I can't believe it!" - Emma

Enabling students to choose reading material of interest to them is an important factor in the results. Children from low-income families often have no books of their own, and getting to pick out their very own brand new books is a powerful motivator to read.

Does it sound simple? It is!

Too good to be true? Not a bit!

Children want to read. And summer reading is a proven way to prevent summer learning loss. With just 12 books per child per year, Page Ahead can help stem summer learning loss, and reduce the achievement gap. Do you want to be part of the solution? Make a gift to support summer reading today!

Page Ahead provides the books free to participating students. Schools pay a nominal fee per student to participate in Book Up Summer. Participating school districts share student test data in aggregate with Page Ahead for evaluation purposes.

Page Ahead’s goal is to bring Book Up Summer to every high-poverty elementary school in Washington State. Are you interested in bringing Book Up Summer to your school? Contact us to learn more about the process.

Story Leaders

Page Ahead’s newest program takes preschool students beyond being passive listeners, to being active learners during story time. Story Leaders uses specific early reading techniques that can help students actively participate in the story reading – building confidence, and vocabulary, and reinforcing language skills that are essential to learning to read.  Page Ahead is working with early learning centers to have these tactics employed in low-income classrooms and homes across the state. More Info

How does the Story Leaders program work?

Shared Reading – a strategy proven to increase language development and kindergarten readiness.  Shared Reading stimulates young students to think about, understand, and retain the vocabulary, text, and content in books.  This strategy enables students to take a more active role in reading, substantially increasing their early reading skills. 

Teacher Training – Page Ahead trains teachers in high-need preschool classrooms to use Shared Reading strategies with their students.  Reading from specially designed “Shared Reading Book Kits,” teachers encourage their students to engage deeply with each book.  During the experience, the students are drawn into the reading, using the vocabulary, expanding their own ideas, and actively becoming the “story leader,” guided by the teacher. 

Reading Resources – Each reading kit contains a book for the classroom; copies of the book for all the students to take home and keep; as well as resources for parents.

How can I bring Story Leaders to my school?
Please contact us for information about implementing the Story Leaders program at your high-need preschool.

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Family Involvement Program

Educates and encourages parents to read with their children. While access to books is important, it is the family that makes the greatest difference in a child's academic success.

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