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Sample Press Release

Use your school or educational program letterhead

Contact: (Your name)
Phone number and email address:

Press Release

In the first paragraph describe the event to which you are inviting the media. Make your description sound like something you would like to attend!

In the second paragraph of the press release discuss the importance of reading and the way that your school/organization, along with the Page Ahead, is motivating children and their parents to read. Include the results of a survey, an inspirational quote, or an example of the effectiveness of books and/or reading.

Lastly, include some statistics about the Page Ahead. For example, since its inception in 1990, Page Ahead has distributed more than 1 million new books to more than 350,000 at-risk children in Washington State. From September 2003-August 2004, Page Ahead plans to give 143,991 new books to 49,251 children.